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Rock Chip Repair Being PerformedRock Chip Repair In Salt Lake City, UT

Repairing your windshield can save you money! When a rock hits it and leaves a chip smaller than a quarter, the entire glass does not need to be replaced, merely repaired. While the side and rear windows are heat-tempered glass, designed to shatter into small pieces on impact, the windshield is designed differently. Instead, a sheet of laminate is bonded to a sheet of glass on either side. When the glass is struck, the glass may chip, but all shards remain bonded to the laminate slab. Because the pieces of the windshield remain in place, rock chips can simply be repaired. The next time you need Rock Chip Repair come to Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair!

There are many reasons why auto glass repair is important as soon as possible. First, chips can become cracks, which spread easily. Changes in temperature and rough roads are just a few of the potential instances that can cause a crack to spread. Additionally, bits of glass, dirt, and other debris can build up inside the chip, making a repair impossible and glass replacement necessary.

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It’s not only important to repair rock chips promptly, it’s also important to find rock chip repair technicians who do it right. First time customers can often become stressed searching out good companies with certified technicians. It’s also possible for improperly trained technicians to not seal a chip properly, resulting in eventual replacement anyway. In order to avoid these complications, Granite Auto Glass screens auto glass companies in your area and refers you to the best of the best in Salt Lake City, UT.

We only refer our customers to windshield repair companies whose technicians are certified by the National Glass Association or the Auto Glass Safety Council. We also ensure they use glass certified by the Department of Transportation, and we check for quality of adhesive and other products. The companies we refer have impeccable reputations with excellent customer service and positive reviews.

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As soon as we refer you to a rock chip repair company in your area, certified technicians will remove the air, moisture, glass dust, and other contaminants already built up within the chip. They will fill the space with a clear resin and, when cured with an ultra violet light, quickly and becomes stronger than the windshield itself. Additionally, there will always be satisfaction guarantees and glass warranties to protect you further.

Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair is committed to helping you find a local company that can provide you with excellent rock chip repair service. We recognize the many things that fill your day, and we want to make this inconvenient process that much easier. Let us match you up with a company that is known for its customer service and a job well done.