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Replacement Auto Glass Technician holding WindshieldWhenever anyone asks about Affordable Auto Glass Replacement generally their main concern is about the quality of the glass for the price being supplied. Your auto glass replacement professional has the choice to use what is considered OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer glass, or he may use a variety of aftermarket brands. Some of these aftermarket brands are made in the US, but most are made in countries such as China and Mexico.  When you need replacement auto glass in Salt Lake City the place to call is Granite Auto Glass!

Even if your technician uses OEM glass, that does not mean that it is "original equipment", (meaning made by the same company that made the glass that came in your vehicle). In the Auto Glass Industry there are only a couple of companies that sell their glass to auto manufactures to be installed in brand new vehicles. The glass these companies sell in the aftermarket for use in replacement auto glass is considered OEM even if they were not the actual company that sells to your vehicle's manufacturer. The fact that they sell to any automobile manufacturer makes their glass considered OEM, regardless of the make of the vehicle it is being installed in. Some glass companies manufacture and sell their glass only in the aftermarket world and so are not considered OEM.

Replacement Auto Glass CertificationOEM Auto Glass manufacturers put out a more consistent and better quality product that fits the cars better when being installed. Not only are the thicknesses and quality of the glass better, the fact that they physically fit the vehicle better prevent what are known as "stress cracks" that seem to happen to windshields for no reason. Some aftermarket brands especially are know for not fitting the vehicles well and the installers have to try to push the glass to fit without breaking it. But the glass still may break down the road later because of being under stress to fit in place.

At Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair we use only glass from OEM manufacturers. An interesting side not is that whenever we hire new technicians, that is one of the first thing they always ask. They want to know if we use OEM or the brands that typically do not fit the cars. Some brands are known for this problem, and they are typically the cheaper ones. I won't mention names here. Good replacement auto glass technicians like to work with a quality product.

Another thing about glass installation is the procedures and materials that are used to secure the glass to the vehicle. Much of the end result comes from the quality of the preparation in getting the surfaces ready. Even the very best adhesives will not stick to rust, moisture or dirt on the pinch weld or glass. Oils from fingers can even cause leaks.

The next important part of the auto glass replacement process is choosing the best adhesive. Those designed for a vehicle worked on in a controlled temperature shop where the vehicle will not be driven for a full day are less expensive. As long as you have chosen a quality brand this works well in the situation it is designed for. But you would not want to use this adhesive on an out door installation or if the customer was going to be driving the vehicle sooner than the required cure time.

There are adhesive products that will cure quick enough to allow the customer to drive it after 1 hour. Some can be used out doors and some can't. If the technician is not skilled in using the quick cure adhesives he may not act quick enough causing the urethane to already be cured before it is stuck to the vehicle, which will cause air and water leaks. Nobody wants that!  Remember if you need your windshield replaced, the place to go is Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair!

Replacement Auto Glass AGRSS LogoWe require that our technicians be certified and follow the industry standard procedures of both the National Glass Association or NGA and the Auto Glass Safety Council Standards or AGRSS.

Replacing auto glass, if done right, makes your car and your life a much happier place to be. And with all the windshield being designed as part of the safety structure of your car in modern times, this can be the difference between your windshield remaining attached to your vehicle and keeping the passengers within during an accident.

Don't go with any shop who takes short cuts. The lives of you and your family are way too important! You can rest assured we will do things right!