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Cracks or chips in your windshield can cause a myriad of different annoyances and even safety hazards. Not only do they give your car a "lack of upkeep" feel, but they can actually impair vision enough to cause accidents. Think about how tough it can be at times to see that guy on the motorcycle. A large rock chip or crack could keep you from seeing a motor cycle depending on the situation. This is why some state governments have passed laws against having cracked or chipped windshields in your main line of vision. I am often asked how to repair a cracked windshield, or more specifically how to know if the company chosen does it right.  Be sure and call Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair whenever you have cracked windshields!

At Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair we take the upkeep of your vehicle and your safety seriously. We know damaged windshields are no fun! You don't want to have to think about it. You just want it fixed, and fixed right. So when we replace your windshield we use only the highest quality industry standardized procedures and materials! We hire experienced technicians who are NGA and AGRSS certified for quality and safety.

Windshield Replacement Or Repair?

Cracked Windshields Logo AGRSS Cracked Windshield Glass Installer CertificationSome times your windshield crack can be repaired rather than replaced. As long as the crack is relatively new, and the damage not too severe, windshield repair can be a cost saving alternative. If the cracked windshield is too old, dirt and moisture will have worked its way into it. This causes the resin to not adhere to the glass properly which although the windshield crack may look better, it still might spread. Sometimes when dirt and moisture are in their, the crack is still very visible and still may impair the driver's vision.

If the crack in the windshield is too severe the glass is just too damaged for the repair to work properly. Again the crack is usually still visible and may continue to spread. In these situations quality auto glass companies will recommend replacement.

Mobile Repair

One nice thing about our company is that we can come to you! Our technicians have tents that they can set up over your car to keep out the elements if you don't have a carport or garage to pull the car under. Whether at your home or office, you don't have to bother to bring your vehicle to us. We can do a quality job replacing or repairing your cracked windshields.

We not only have the tent, but we have urethane adhesives designed to cure fast for quick drive away times. We only use OEM quality glass and the highest quality installation procedures and materials. Rain, snow, sleet, sun or shine, we have the supplies and equipment to do your job right!


Certified Windshield Replacement Technicians

Cracked Windshield Replacement

We only hire and train technicians who are certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) and the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGRSS) so that they know the industry latest best methods and materials. We likewise train our technicians in the practical application of these standards to be sure we do the best quality work possible in each situation. The average technician has to have installed approximately 200 windshields before they have been in enough of a variety of situations to feel confident and experienced for every situation.

Great Customer Service

Yes we strive to make our customers happy! Not only do we use high quality materials and follow the best installation procedures, but we do it with a smile! Our goal is to leave you supersized at what a positive experience your cracked windshield replacement or repair was! If nothing else we hope the friendly and kind way we treat you makes your day that much better! We all have our jobs to do, but if we can leave your car a little cleaner, and better than we found it, that helps too! We feel like if we can Wow! you, maybe you will tell your friends about us!