Auto Windshields

Salt Lake City Auto Windshields

Windshields are different than the other windows in a vehicle. All of the rest of the windows are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass shatters instead of chipping or cracking, and the pieces are small and less jagged and dangerous. This is so that in an accident the glass is much safer when it hits occupants. The windshield is not tempered and is actually two pieces of glass with a piece of plastic laminate in between them adhering them together. So this gives the windshield strength to support the roof as well as keep passengers inside during a collision.  Whenever you need your Auto Windshields replaced, call Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair!

No matter what the auto glass damage you have we will get your car glass repaired or replaced fast. We use only the highest quality OEM manufacturer's glass. We use only the highest quality chemicals and adhesives and follow the strictest industry standards for safety and excellence.

Car Windshields Are Not Created Equal

There are two different kinds of windshield companies. Those who make glass to be put in new vehicles, and those who deal strictly in the aftermarket replacement world. Corporations who make glass for new car manufacturers are called Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM. They also sell glass in the auto glass windshield repair market, and their glass for the most part is better quality than the glass made by companies who serve only the replacement industry. The two types of glass are commonly referred to as OEM and aftermarket glass.

Auto Windshield Replacement

Much of the aftermarket glass is made in countries such as China and Mexico. A few are made in the United States and Europe. The quality of OEM is the highest in the industry. The quality of aftermarket glass varies brand to brand, most of which is considered lower quality than OEM. There is one aftermarket auto windshields brand sold heavily in the United States that has a really bad reputation for often breaking during installation due to it not being a perfect fit for the vehicle it was made for. Technicians have to force the glass to fit. This brand is also known for having what is called "stress cracks" later on from the stress of being forced to fit the vehicle it was installed in. I won't mention that brand by name. Any technician in the industry will immediately know which brand I am talking about.

Auto Windshields Provide Safety

Many air bag designs now depend on the strength of the windshield to support the air bag as it deploys between the windshield and the passenger. Poor quality windshield installations have been known to fail by the windshield coming unattached to the vehicle giving no support to the air bag. This has caused injury to the passengers. Likewise in many accidents it has been the windshield that has kept occupants within the vehicle during an accident. Also in many modern car designs the car windshield actually has enough strength to be part of the support of the roof in roll over collisions.

Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair uses only OEM quality glass, and the highest quality chemicals and materials. Our technicians are NGA and AGRSS certified insuring that they maintain the highest quality installation procedures. Get your car windshields repaired or replaced by Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair and you can feel good knowing that everything is being done that can be done to do the job right!