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Auto Glass Windshield Repair AGRSS There are a lot of auto glass replacement companies to choose from these days. And so how do you know which one will do the best job? The first place to start would be to only use a company that meets or exceeds the industry best practices for both quality and safety. In the auto glass world there are two technician certifications, the National Glass Association (NGA) and the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGRSS). If you go with a company whose technicians are certified with these two entities then at least you know that they know how to do the job right.  The next thing to look at is the windshield repair company's reputation. You can ask around and find out who your friends have had good experiences with. Also you can look at their Google reviews. This can help you see what kind of positive and negative things others are saying about that company. So in review before you choose a company you should 1. make sure that they are certified with the NGA and the AGRSS. And then 2. you should look on Google for reviews to see what others are saying about that company.  Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair is the place to go for auto glass windshield repair!

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Check our our article entitled "Auto Windshield Replacement Prices" for more information on the subject of prices. Here I will just say this, the best price does not always mean the lowest price. You should want the auto glass windshield repair company that replaces your windshield to charge you enough that they can afford to use OEM quality glass and use the highest quality materials and installation procedures. If you don't your service may cost you more in the long run if down the road your windshield stress cracks from the use of inferior glass, or develops a water or air leak.

Auto Windshield Replacement

Auto windshields are not all created equal. By far the best quality after market glass is that made by the company's that Auto Glass Windshield Repair Toolalso make the original glass installed in new vehicles the first time. These are Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM companies. Their after market glass is called OEM quality or OEM manufacturer's glass. Most often their glass is built to the same specifications as the original glass put in the car. Most other after market companies are made in China or Mexico. Some of the brands do not fit the car exactly which can cause stress cracks down the road. Generally the glass is thinner and is not as good of quality. Be sure and use an auto glass windshield repair company that uses OEM quality glass when they do a replacement.