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Auto glass replacement doesn’t need to be as arduous and involved for customers as it sometimes seems. Whether you’ve had bad experiences with local auto glass companies in the past that left you exhausted, or whether you are dreading putting the work into it for the first time, Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair can help. Time, money, and quality work are as important to us as they are to you, and we refer our customers to the very best auto glass companies the industry has to offer.

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Auto Glass Replacement includes more than just your windshield. Windshields are dealt with differently than the rest of the windows on your car because they are made differently. Windshields are safety features in cars nowadays, reinforced with a laminate slab to both to support the roof of the car and to work with the airbags to keep the front seat occupants in the car at impact. The laminate slab is sandwiched between layers of glass on each side bonded to the laminate with an adhesive. When struck, the glass cracks or chips, but does not fall off the laminate slab, protecting the front seat occupants. Because windshields don’t shatter and the glass remains in place, they can be repaired. However, if the crack obstructs the driver’s vision, is longer than three inches, or spreads to the edge of the glass, it must be completely replaced. The remaining auto glass windows are heat tempered, which causes the windows to shatter on impact rather than break off in jagged pieces. This is also to protect the occupants, but it requires that the full window be replaced when struck.

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When certified technicians use quality materials and follow correct procedures, both auto glass replacement and repair is fairly quick and painless. The technician carefully removes the full windshield or window from the pinch-weld. He then applies a primer followed by a urethane adhesion to the pinch-weld. Finally, he fits the window and allows the adhesive to set for one hour.

When installed incorrectly, several problems can arise. Windshields that aren’t removed correctly or that don’t cure properly can leak and cause the pinch-weld to rust or the paint around the windshield to corrode. Auto glass installed incorrectly can keep its technological functions (such as defrost) from working properly.

Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair saves you the time and the headache of finding a quality local company. All our auto glass companies are required to use the best quality materials that meet the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. All technicians within these companies are certified through either the National Glass Association (NGA) or the Auto Glass Safety Council. Additionally, we pay close attention to customer feedback. We also only outsource to companies who are excellently reviewed, with exceptional reputations and quality customer service.

Let Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair do the hard work for you by referring you to an auto glass company in your area with excellent reviews and quality work.