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This essentially means windshield or rock chip repair. While every window on your vehicle can get struck with rocks, only chips made in your windshield glass can be repaired. Because your windshield is made of two plates of glass bonded to either side of a piece of laminate, the glass may crack or chip when struck, but the shards remain bonded to the laminate.  For the very best auto glass repair the place to go is Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair.

Because the glass remains, the shards can be filled and glued together. The remaining windows, however, have no laminate slabs. Instead, they are heat tempered. This ensures that when struck, the window shatters into tiny pieces, protecting the occupants from larger, jagged shards. It also means that side and rear windows cannot merely be repaired, but must be replaced.

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Auto glass repair improves your impaired vision. When the chip or crack is not obstructing the driver’s vision or does not appear to be spreading, it is easy to assume it does not need to be repaired. However, though chips may start out small, they spread quickly and easily. If they become larger than a dime or longer than three inches, the windshield much be replaced. When possible windshield repair is the better option. Dirt and debris can also build inside the crack overtime, making it impossible to be fully clean and filled. When the chip or crack can no longer be repaired it must be replaced – a bigger expense and chunk of time for you.

Though Granite Auto Glass cannot protect your car from the normal wear and tear, we can help you protect your windshield by ensuring that you get quality help immediately. We can quickly refer you to the most reputable rock chip repair or auto glass repair companies in your area that use the highest quality products. All the technicians are required to complete certification with the National Glass Association or the Auto Glass Safety Council.

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Once we refer you to a auto glass repair company with an excellent reputation and outstanding reviews, experienced technicians will use a vacuum to remove glass dust, moisture, air, and any other contaminants within the crack. They will replace these them with a clear acrylic resin that, when cured, is stronger than the windshield itself. The resin is cured using an ultraviolet light and, when hardened, bonds the cracked glass together and prevents spreading. Additionally, there will always be satisfaction guarantees and glass warranties to protect you further.

We here at Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair are aware that rock chips can be untimely and repairs can be an irritation to an individual with an important, busy schedule. We also know that time is money and simple fixes can turn into big problems if left too long. That’s why our service saves you time and money by finding the best auto glass companies in your area. We love to help you.