Affordable Auto Glass Replacement

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When it comes to affordable car glass replacement it is important to focus on value for the money rather than just the lowest cost. That is if you want to not be sorry in the future. There are basically two types of glass in the auto glass industry made from a large variety of manufacturers. The first is the after market glass made by the same companies who produce the original equipment glass installed in new cars for the first time in at least one auto make. These are called Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) brands. The second is after market glass made by companies who only make after market glass. You can find out a bit more about this in our article "best auto glass replacement".  Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair is the place to call for affordable auto glass replacement!

Affordable Auto Glass Replacement Held UpThe problems with many of the only after market brands is that the glass is often thinner, doesn't quite fit the vehicle like it is supposed to or the actual quality of the glass is less so it chips and cracks easier. The thinner and/or lesser quality glass can be frustrating because many people claim that the glass chips noticeably easier than OEM glass. You might have saved a few bucks up front going with the cheaper glass, but you have to get it repaired or replaced more often. Again, the most Affordable Auto Glass Replacement is not always the lowest price. It is a really big problem if the glass does not exactly fit the vehicle like it is supposed to. Some after market brands have a reputation for having this problem. In this case the technicians only option is to try to press the glass in to fitting. Often the glass will break when doing this. This is why technicians don't like using these brands of glass. If the technician is successful in getting the glass installed without breaking it, since it is now installed under stress, if the car hits a big bump some time in the future often times the glass will appear to just crack for no reason. These are known as "stress cracks".

Rock Chip Repair

Affordable Auto Glass Replacement Being PerformedChip or crack Repair can often be performed instead of replacement if the damage is not too severe. You often hear auto glass replacement companies say that it needs to be smaller than a dollar bill. But this is not always accurate. If you look at this picture to the right you can see that even on chips or cracks smaller than a dollar if the damage is too severe it may need to be replaced rather than repaired. Except for maybe a tiny part of of some of the cracks extending off of this example, this pretty much fits under a dollar bill. The picture is a bit deceiving. The damage at the impact point is so severe that when repaired the damage will still be very visible and impair driver vision. This windshield needs replaced. Granite Auto Glass has the highest quality car glass replacement that is affordable as well as repair.

Auto Glass Replacement Prices

Replacement auto glass also need to be installed correctly. When everything is focused on doing the job for the lowest possible price often times the corners are cut in the quality of workmanship. For example a very important part of a good glass installation is in the preparation of both the glass and the pinch weld surface of the vehicle. Dust, dirt or human finger oil on either can cause water and air leaks. Rust on the pinch weld surface can cause even more severe leaking problems that can only be repaired by tearing the windshield out and starting over.

Focusing on price causes glass companies to speed up to try to save on labor costs. They also try to get away with using cheaper often inferior materials. The best value in the long run is an OEM windshield installed to NGA and AGRSS standards. When considering affordable windshield replacement the best value is going with quality over the lowest possible price.  Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair will take good care of you!